The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers playing at the Peninsula Country Club, Victoria. L/R Professional Michael Foote, General Manager Duntryleague Golf Club NSW Matthew Furze and Professional John Furze (GSED) Sandringham Golf Academy.


The Longitudinal Centre of Gravity

If a plub-bob (is a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom, that is suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line) was dropped down from the centre of the clubshaft at the butt end of the club it would fall down in line with the centre of gravity of the clubface. It would not drop down along the clubshaft. In this image we have drilled a hole through the centre gravity of the clubhead and now cutting the clubshft so a cord can extend from the centre of the clubshaft (butt end) through the whole in the clubface. this is the Sweetspot Plane of the golf club.


The Home of Golf

St Andrews Golf Club, Scotland. The Old Course is the Home of Golf where golf was first played 600 years ago. It remains a real test of golf for today's champions. The fabled original links course is synonymous with The Open Championship which it has hosted more times than any other venue and will host for a 29th time in 2015.


The Golfing Machinist

John Furze (PGA Australia, GSED) Welcome to the Golf Machinist Website

My name is John Furze, member of the PGA Australia and a designated “Doctorate “Instructor in Homer Kelley’s, The Golfing Machine.

I bring my extensive knowledge and extraordinary communication skills so that you can enter the Gateway to Better golf for all who seek to improve their game.

With forty years I have been on a golfing journey in quest for knowledge to be able to pass onto all golfers know matter what standard they are.

When we read golf books, magazines or watch videos we are being told this is the way it has to be done. In 1948, Ben Hogan published his book that said restrict the hip turn on the backswing and coil the shoulders to create torque so we can drag the club down with lag. The same year Sammy Snead published his book and said have a big hip turn and shoulder turn. The following year Byron Nelson in his book said have a lateral slide and turn the hips going back and a lateral slide and turn the hips coming down through.

We have three of the greatest golfers yet all saying different things.

R0-r2tlhc3QRemember that the ball didn’t go out into the woods because it was mad at you. It went out there because it was law abiding, you hit it there.

By understanding the reasons that affect a shot you will become the “Mechanic” of your own swing.

The golf swing is the Machine (with a heart though, as we are human), you are the Mechanic but I am the Machinist.

All you have to do is turn the Machine lose and trust it.

Through commitment and insistence I require all my students to take their own individual natural abilities and by applying certain principles develop an effective and efficient golf swing.

This is the Secret of G.O.L.F.

This website consists of many short golfing tips, videos and images.  

The Golfing Machinist Mobile and Ipad Website.

The golfingmachinist website has now been specifically updated for both Mobile Phones and Ipad use.


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Alex Sloan (USPGA, GSED)

Many short video clips by Alex Sloan (USPGA, GSED)


20 Septeber 2012

One Day Golf Workshop

The decision you have made to attend The Golfing Machine School in search of improving your golf skills is commendable.

No matter at what level your golf is your golf skills and knowledge will be rewarded.

All focus will be aimed at you learning to control the Clubhead, Clubface, and the Clubshaft from address to the top and all of the way to the finish.



Swing Mechanics

Need help with your game? You have come to the right place.


The Secret of G.O.L.F.

What are the three key  "Secrets"? If you knew, how would they effect your game?. These three "Secrets" are what the worlds best players do.

Every player MUST know these "secrets" and implement them from the shortest chip to the longest drive if they are to have a powerful, repeating golf stroke.

"It is simple, elusive, indispensable, without substitute or compensation and always present"- Homer Kelley - The Golfing Machine



Kel Nagle 1960 British Open

Many times in the history of golf a golfer who was generally unknown to the golfing public jumped up, seemingly out of nowhere, to win a major championship.

In 1960, Kel Nagle was one of those golfers. He had played in only two majors before, the 1951 and 1955 Open Championships, and was widely unknown outside of Australia and New Zealand.


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